Best Animation Software to Use

Animation is an amazing way to tell stories and communicate ideas. In today’s age of rapidly changing technologies and social media, the animation is becoming increasingly important.

But using software that is designed specifically to animate is not always the obvious answer. If you want the freedom to customize or experiment, then you should get into the habit of creating your animations.

When you create an animation project, there are many options to choose from. The programs offered vary widely and cater to specific purposes. Some are highly customizable, while others are intended to focus on efficiency and speed.

Most commercial applications offer some sort of user interface to navigate between steps and control features. This makes them easier to use. There are also plenty of free alternatives out there, such as GIMP, Blender, and Pixelmator.

Below, we list the best animation software that you can use.

Best Animation Software to Use

1. Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate CC is a powerful tool for beginners looking to start their career in animation. It has lots of editing tools and a simple and intuitive workflow, and it supports both 2D and 3D creation. You can easily make your characters, add special effects and even edit music tracks visit for information. With this package on hand, you will have everything you need to produce outstanding work.

2. After Effects

After Effect is one of the most popular animation packages around. It offers incredible quality output, with high-end rendering capabilities, advanced compositing engines and more than enough plugins to be used by any type of designer working on the film, television, video games, web design, or almost anything else. Its ease of use also allows for quick learning.

3. Blender

Blender is still considered one of the best open-source 3D modeling and rendering apps. Its features include easy to understanding interface, compatibility with other popular formats (such as Maya), great UI/UX design, and much more. Blender may not be as feature-rich as other top choices but its simplicity helps new users get up and running quickly.

4. MotionBuilder

Motionbuilder’s unique approach to motion graphics makes it accessible to anyone. Its real-time visual feedback means you can see your animating idea come together right away. Since all the action happens within the same window, you don’t have to leave the program to view intermediate results.

5. Nuke

Nuke is another popular choice when it comes to making your animated videos. It offers a comprehensive set of tools to do just about anything. Its interface resembles that of Photoshop, which makes it familiar and easy to use. You can easily put together polished projects with Nuke thanks to its intuitive interface.

6. Poser Pro

If you already know how to use a good CAD app, then you can try your hands at animation with Poser Pro. It was released back in 1995 and continues to be updated to keep pace with industry standards. It lets you bring your ideas to life through realistic digital models and textures.

7. Cinema 4D Lite

Cinema 4D Lite is a lightweight version of the world’s most popular 3D modeling application. It does not require any previous experience before getting started. However, if you plan to delve further into the field of 3D animation, then Cinema 4D is the way to go.

8. Modo

Modo is mostly known for its texturing and lighting solutions. Its easy drag and drop functionality plus its robust tools make it ideal for experienced designers. Not only that, but Modo runs on affordable Windows machines, which makes its platform very flexible. If you are interested in creating stunning environments or simply bringing your designs to life, then give Modo a shot!

9. Paint Shop pro

Paint shop pro is no longer available for purchase directly from adobe. But there are some alternatives out there, such as Corel Painter and Magix PaintShop Pro X10

10. Animator Game Engine

Anime Studio AE is an indie game engine created by developers based in Sweden. The free version provides access to several elements necessary for 2D animation enthusiasts. Some of these are character rigs and particle effects.

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