Best Graphics Design Software

How do you create a high-quality graphic design without spending a fortune? There are plenty of tools out there, but some of them are too complicated or just plain expensive. Is there really only one way to design graphics?

The graphics design software is becoming more accessible and affordable, allowing even beginners to compete with pros. Many designers choose Adobe Photoshop to create their designs and even though Photoshop has become very powerful over the years, it still lacks some features that could improve its usability.

There are many free alternatives to Photoshop that allow anyone to create professional-looking images, although they don’t come close to Photoshop’s capabilities. Here are the top graphic design apps that you can download now.

Best Graphics Design Software

1. Affinity Photo – FreePhoto

Affinity Photo is a powerful photo editing tool for both hobbyists and professionals. It allows users to edit photos in 3D using various filters which are based on Light and Space Theory and this gives your images an amazing look. The app also offers simple image retouching capabilities and the ability to add text and other elements. Affinity Photo doesn’t offer as wide a range as Photoshop but at least everything can be done within the program.

2. DxO OpticsPro 10 – (Mac/Windows)

This photography program from Nikon has all the necessary tools needed for advanced photographers to create stunning shots. Users can control exposure, contrast, sharpness, and white balance right from within the program. Even if you’re not into photography, then you should take a look at this program because it comes with 15 free downloadable lenses, including wide-angle, macro, and telephoto.

3. GIMP – FreeImage

GIMP is an open-source photo editor developed by GNU Image Manipulation Program. It supports layers and is easy to use when compared to most other graphic design programs. It contains nearly every feature you would require from any photo editor.

You will probably find yourself switching back to GIMP time after time because it’s so flexible and intuitive. However, while GIMP is great for beginners, it might get too complicated for people who are looking for something more user-friendly.

4. Krita – FreeImage & Blender

Krita is similar to Photoshop, although there are a few limitations: you cannot save files, and you cannot apply actions, plugins, or templates. If you want to import pictures from Facebook or Instagram then you can easily switch to these apps directly in Krita.

However, even if you’re an expert photographer, Krita is still worth trying since it allows for quick edits. One of the best things about Krita is that you always know what settings were used to make your picture look like it did. Other than that, creating beautiful images shouldn’t take forever!

5. Pixelmator Pro 2 – Apple App Store

If you have access to macOS Mojave or lower, you can try the latest version of Pixelmator Pro 2. This app includes all the basic features required to create high-quality images such as brushes, selections, and adjustments.

There is support for RAW, JPG, and several popular formats, plus you can share them via email or post them online. It also works well with iPads through AirPrint. If you want to work on multiple projects at once, then you’ll need to purchase the full version.

6. Photoshop CC 2019 

Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 is one of the most famous photo editing applications that almost everyone owns today. With this application, you can create impressive images that include textures and effects. Another major advantage of this application is that it is capable of opening a large variety of file types. Although it’s expensive, however, it’s really up to par with some of the other paid software out there.

7. UFRaw – FreeImage

UFRaw is another freeware alternative to many professional-grade RAW converters, and it can export images in several different ways visit for more information. It’s compatible with Windows platforms only.

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